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The Deadstock 33s and The Pilgrim’s Ghost

Data Transmission January 23, 2013


Justin Robertson is a to release an album under his Deadstock 33s alias at the start of March.

The Pilgrim’s Ghost‘ is to be released by German label Gomma and is Robertson’s first full-length album in over a decade, his last full-length was 2001’s Justin Robertson Presents Revtone.

Tracklist1. Tic Tic Toc 2. Underneath The Pines 3. My Best Dub 4. Baron Richelieu’s Trapeze 5. High Lane In Summer 6. Impatient For Your Love 7. Monty Dance 8. The Circular Path 9. C’est L’Amour 10. Whistling Heart 11. Twisted Veil

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