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David Lynch and Marek Zebrowski Share Unseen Live Footage


Filmmaker David Lynch and composer Marek Zebrowski have released footage from their collaborative live project, Polish Night Music.

First meeting at the Camerimage Film Festival in Lodz, Poland, Lynch and Zebrowski worked together on the former’s 2006 film Inland Empire. Their experimental collaborations took on a life of their own, based around their individual but joint connections to Poland, and are now presented along with a narrative, with Zebrowski on piano and Lynch using a Korg.

“(Poland) is a landscape that continues to remain at once familiar and completely alien to me,” says Zebrowski. “Every time I am there, I am surprised by something, and I think for David, Poland certainly represents the process of discovery.”

Polish Night Music is out December 4th, watch the stream and check out the full tracklisting below.


1. Night (City Black Street
2. Night (A Landscape with Factory)
3. Night (Interiors)
4. Night (A Woman On a Dark Street Corner)


Includes bonus 4-track live album recorded in 2006: Live At The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland

1.Night (Memories of Machines)
2.Night (Unfilled Dreams)
3.Night (The Great Electrical Plants Stand Like Cathedrals)
4.Night (Snowfalls Through The Black Leafless Trees)