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David Jackson & The Model feature on Integrity Record’s ‘We Are Friends’ series


The third and final instalment of Integrity Record’s ‘We Are Friends’ series has been announced. It features one of Romania’s finest and more prolific dj/producer The Model aka Radu Muntean. He’s paired up with Heidelberg, Germany’s young prodigal son David Jackson.

First appearing on the label with a remix for The Model’s ‘More UFOs’ EP. The two might seem at first glance the unlikeliest of pairing for the final chapter in the ‘We Are Friends’ series but the results here will prove otherwise.

The pair delivers what can only be described as a no-nonsense three-track thriller of an EP. It’s filled with skittering drum rolls, analogue synth lines, emotive pads and effective re-entries crafted expertly for maximum effect on the dancefloor.

Concluding the series, the label has successfully demonstrated that exciting and authentic results really can be achieved when music is forged out of friendships. 

We premiere David Jackson’s ‘Theremin (Dance Freak)’ from the three track EP for you today, check it out below and grab it here.


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