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Daniel Dejman releases ‘Voices’



No stranger to his hometown, Daniel Dejman has graced the decks in nearly every major club in Chicago, including his past residences at Spy Bar & The Mid. Doing so, has landed him some key gigs across the US in 2017.

His early influences of electronic & hip hop music has lead him to his current project which encompasses the styles of Hard House & Techno. Given his european background, Daniel certainly displays a mixture of his own musical ingredients in his music as well as his Mixtapes on ‘Slow Dancing To Techno’ radio.

Heading into Miami Music Week (wmc), for our debut transmission today, we give you ‘Voices’ his first release of 2018. It delivers a combination of stabbing synths, rolling bass, driving percussion, soaring fx, and a 80’s influenced vocal that can surely be noted by ones ear.

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