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Dan Samsa presents a new immersive 360° live show


Dan Samsa presents a new immersive 360° live show with the London Contemporary Orchestra and SE London dance group Birdgang along with some of the capital’s finest Jazz musicians. The event takes place tomorrow (Saturday 11th September 2021) at the Albany Deptford.

The Deptford native brings his debut album ‘Contours’ full circle for a pioneering live musical experience alongside the new collaborative surround sound, music, and dance project Deptford-360°.

Spectrum° merges live musicians, dancers, a state-of-the-art surround sound speaker array with the earth-shattering sub-scoops of the legendary Solution Dub Sound System with the aim to “completely rewire our expectations of a musical performance”.

Infused with authenticity and character, Dan Samsa’s debut album ‘Contours’ leaves us with endlessly compelling jazz that could unleash a rave with the same ease as it will subvert the imagination. At some moments dark and ominous and others ecstatic and mind-bending, ‘Contours’ exposes Dan’s electronic dance music roots. Where thumping bass meets warped brass section, ‘Contours’ seamlessly infuses Jazz, Techno, Jungle and splashes of classical. For this head-spinning immersive live premiere, Dan will engulf the audience within a live surround sound brass section of some of London’s finest Jazz brass players, virtuosic piano patterns from Dan himself, vocals from Rosie Strobel and Zosia Jagodzinska and 360° atmospheric textures created in awe-inspiring environments such as Southwark Cathedral.


Led by local violist Alison D’Souza, choreographer Ukweli Roach and Dan Samsa, Deptford-360° is an immersive combined arts piece performed by The London Contemporary Orchestra, SE London dance group Birdgang and vocalist Rosie Strobel celebrating the joining of cultures and exploring themes inspired by the historical, social and cultural landscape of Deptford.  Purposely created for this event and sound system array, Deptford-360° merges electronic dance, folk and classical music with urban/contemporary dance and 360° sound recordings, with such a melting pot of styles and mediums, Deptford-360° will provide a feast for the senses as it successfully captures the current zeitgeist; Rave, Community, Diversity. 

Other performances on the night include two Deptford-based musicians.  Featuring a live surround sound modular set from Luke D Harris exploring space and structure, improvising over ambisonic material and sound recordings, and a live spatialised version of the recent EP ‘Air’ by Omar Teknology, whose work centres itself around field recordings combined with synthesisers, compositional arrangement and sound design. The night will be rounded off with a DJ set on this unique sound system by resident DJ Bahow at Deptford’s community radio station Aaja.

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