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Damon Wild gives us the ‘Cosmic Path’ LP


Damon Wild’s upcoming LP on Function’s label, Infrastructure, titled ‘Cosmic Path’ will be out December 8th.

He is one of techno’s history pillar stones behind Acid/Trance label EXperimental producing ground-breaking Acid tracks like ‘Ego Acid’ and the classic ‘Bang the Acid’ with Tim Taylor. He also went on to kick off seminal Techno label ‘Synewave’ with Stormwatch EP, first release with side project Morph (w/ Dennis Ferrer) in 1994. This is US producer and Synewave boss’s first LP since 2004 is due out in December.

Experience the universe with the other-worldly sounds of Cosmic Path by Damon Wild, coming to you December 8th on Infrastructure.


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