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Daft Punk Unveil Artwork



Whenever seminal electronic duo Daft Punk talk; people listen. Even after that frankly disappointing Tron soundtrack. Mainly in the hope of the news to  of a genuine  4th  LP and with on their facebook page this morning they revealed a series of new artwork images that have been rumored to be going alongside a new album called ‘Human After All’ which at beforehand had been little more than swirling internet chatter on music forums.

So with thousands of likes and a crashing website in a matter of mere minutes it seems the appetite for daft punk’s musical output remains as steadfast as ever and we’re not ashamed to admit we’re as excited as everybody else to see what the legendary duo come up with next.

See if you can get on the website at http://www.daftpunk.com/ to check out the new artwork for yourself or for those that can’t get on, check below.dpartwork.jpg 

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