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Daft Punk Tease New Single Video



Good news if you’re yet to have your fill of Daft Punk collaborating with disco legend Nile Rodgers and ageless pop maestro Pharrell Williams as the enigmatic French duo have revealed a teaser video to their next single ‘Lose Yourself To Dance’ which again harbors the talents of the ‘Get Lucky’ collaborators.

The question is to those uninitiated with the album, will Nile’s funky guitar rifts and Pharrell’s soprano warblings conjure the same magic as uber-summer mega hit ‘Get Lucky’?

It certainly appears that the Parisian’s are hoping that the Chic frontman/ Neptunes producer/ Daft Punk formula behind ‘Get Lucky’ continues to be a winning one with a scheduled release date set as September 23rd as they shared a glimpse of their upcoming video at a the VMA awards instead of the eagerly live performance we had be hoping for. Pharrell, Nile, Thomas and Guy-Manuel did take to the stage however to present pop star Taylor Swift with an award as the wait goes on to see Daft Punk perform any of their RAM material live.

You can check out their teaser video to  ‘Lose Yourself To Dance’ below

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