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Curntables and Devon James partner up to create ‘HIPS’


Curntables and Devon James partner up to create HIPS: booty house made serious with electro. Including remixes by Franklyn Watts and Will Monotone, you will also find yourself heavily twerking to acid and tech-house.

Brooklyn based artist Devon James works tirelessly within the underground music scene. Playing alongside the legendary Moodymann and modern superstars like Diplo at globally renowned clubs such as Spybar in Chicago and Button Factory in Dublin, he is an accomplished performer as he is sound engineer and producer.

Then we have Derry born electronic music producer, DJ and all around musical grafter, Gary Curran AKA Curntables. Collaborating with Devon James, his onslaught of underground music releases keeps coming with no sign of slowing down.

Our premiere is Will Monotone’s acid remix, which distorts the kick, pitches the vocals all over the place and plants an unapologetic acid breakdown a third of the way through the track which appears and reappears til the bitter end.

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