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Crucifix Lane Nightclub Announces Closure



The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

Although we feel he’s doing far too much taking away at the moment in regards to the London clubbing landscape with London Bridge based venue Crucifix Lane sadly announcing that its Easter run will be its last.

The latest club to fall foul of the city’s rich redevelopers and callous gentrification, Crucifix Lanes follows Cable (a club that suffered a similar fate not too long ago) into the abyss as Network Rail are coming in to batten down the hatches and take control of the space to make way for London Bridge Station expansion following final parties from Cartulis and Solo Danza.

For further details check out the clubs official press statement below. You’ll be missed !

Statement – Alex Brooks, General Manager

“Crucifix Lane is special because its completely unique in London. Its like an underground ‘warehouse’ party, but with the creature comforts of home – a permanent bar, plumbed toilets, power, lighting and proper sound.

Its a place to get lost in, and without being judged. Its a place where extended sets are normal, where people feel comfortable enough to get loose, and we harness a safe clubbing environment for all of our staff and customers. Our goal has always been to put smiles on faces and look after our customers, whilst providing some incredibly underground parties.

All good things come to an end. Its time for us to leave the area as the new wave of residential and businesses arrives. The venue was here long before either of those arrived, when London Bridge was a desolate industrial only area. Until recently we’ve been able to co-exist, though with the major works above us on the railway, we’re the next arches needed back.”

Grab your tickets for the final nights at Crucifix Lane here






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