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Craig Williams releases his ‘On My Mind / Come Here’ EP on Food



Australia’s Craig Williams is next up on Shadow Child and Kry Wolf’s Food Music on 27th April.

Craig has been kicking up a storm over the past few years with releases like his debut on Food Music alongside Bot ‘Don’t Fake It / Hot For You’, his collaborative EP with Bromance artist Louisahhh!!! and further collaborative work with the likes of Chicago House legend Green Velvet amongst solo output.

Here though we see Craig back on Food for a solo release with  ‘On My Mind / Come Here’ which is backed with a remix from Boca Boca. Our debut transmission is ‘Come Here’ which follows this time round employing choppy bass hits, swinging rhythms seductive, hypnotic vocals from Mandy Jones. 

He says “I wanted to do an Ep that had one track for the late set and one for the festival. I went with more of a minimal feel to both songs. I wanted that hypnotic feel for the music on both songs, something you can get lost in.”

Check it out below!

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