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Craig Williams drops ‘Dreaming’ on Christian Martin’s label



Synth wizard Craig Williams steps up with a rollicking first EP for Christian Martin’s Trippy Ass Technologies imprint, titled ‘Dreaming’.

Hailing originally from Australia, Craig grew up playing bass and began DJing and producing 11 years ago. Taking a wild detour from music, Craig spent several years working as a Black Hawk helicopter crewman in the Australian Army, which saw him deployed to Pakistan and East Timor. After his Army tenure came to a close, Craig held a residency at the popular Full Moon events in Queensland. With the desire to continue honing his music craft strong, he moved to Los Angeles, where he enrolled in the SAE Institute and earned a degree in audio engineering.

‘My Mind’ is an exercise in acid mastery, featuring a heaving top line that threatens to squelch right out of your speakers. Our premiere ‘Dreaming’ dials back the darkness with rhythmically chopped vox & serotonin-stimulating arps. Both tracks have that warm & vital analogue crunch that will make dancefloors go haywire – play either and you’ll see why I had to immediately snag these for TAT.

Check out ‘Dreaming’ below and grab a copy here.

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