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Collegium Spring Break Island Day Three



Boat Party 1 –

Boat parties are a firm staple of Croatia. In fact Hideout Festival on Zrce has more boats than the British Navy has active ships. Collegium Spring Break Island is no exception to the Adriatic Floating Phenomenon and Day 3 saw us on the bridge with DJ Dey, Chris Willsman and MC Fabu D as the second of Collegium Spring Break Island’s three boat parties left shore.

On board: along with a whole lotta warm vodka and very little mixer (this would later make the overall experience a lot more exciting…) were an incredibly international crowd: Austrians, Germans, Canadians, Italians, Brits and Brazilians. As soon as basslines dropped on the boat, each faction did a brilliant job of showcasing their quirks. The Brits quickly began chanting and enjoying downing competitions. The Germans sunburned and shuffled, the Italians pouted and adorned several sets of sunglasses each and the Brazilians booty-shaked. For real – the four cameramen on deck seemed to spend most of their day around four girls who could do things with their behind not even David Attenborough can explain. At some point someone produced a supersoaker. Things got blurry after this. There were a lot of mashups, an Italian man in a dress, a lot of girls that came up onto the bridge to have stickers fastened in all sorts of places. The MC became so enamoured with a GoPro that he began MCing toward the back of the boat, away from view, to himself. An international franchise of MTV showed up on a powerboat with a heli-drone and took panning shots, then boarded the craft with more camera gear than Stephen Spielberg’s sex dungeon and the Brazilians just kept getting more Brazilian the more hot vodka we drunk. It probably ended around 5pm.

We made it down to Zrce beach for around 1am, where Chris Willsman laid on a mixture of tech-house and mainstream classics, before Swiss Smiley Face Guy Mike Candys came on with an straight up European-style EDM set. Backstage everyone mistook the bottle in Candys’ rider as vodka, which meant everyone began drinking Sambuca Red Bull. Camera guys began taking selfies. Probably the best looking girl Data Transmission has ever seen works the VIP at Papaya, she came down, was pounced on by about four cameramen to pose in group shots, before managing to escape. She may well have lost a shoe. Papaya was near capacity. We left when it got light. We can still taste Sambuca.

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Grahame Farmer

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