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CloudBounce Launches an Advanced, AI-Driven, Cloud-Based Mastering Engine


CloudBounce, has launched CloudBounce 2.0, an upgraded and enhanced mastering engine.

It’s a big step forwards in automated mastering. Using cutting-edge AI and machine learning, which gives all music creators access to instant, affordable and superior mastering at any stage in their creative flow. If you want to fine tune an audio track, or need instant feedback, or want to master individual parts during the production process, improving and changing sounds, you can have high quality masters within minutes. If you need a professional sounding demo to send to a label, or just a track immediately ready for commercial use. The new engine interprets the needs and nuances of different genres like never before, to offer an unrivalled and versatile range of hi-res mastering solutions for tailor-made sound.

It’s cheap as well, the service starts at just $4.90 per track, rising to an unlimited monthly subscription of $29.90 (or annual plan at $199.99), for two hi-res files per master (1 x uncompressed WAV / 1 x 320kbps MP3) and includes a lifetime Cloud backup, CloudBounce offers a high quality / low cost approach that enables professional quality mastering to be used more often and in more creative ways.

“When re-designing the engine and user experience, we took every single user feedback we’ve gotten since we first launched a year ago and implemented over 90% of them into this version. I couldn’t be more happy and proud of the whole team and I am truly grateful for everyone who has helped make this happen. We are very confident that our service will be the best choice many musicians, sound designers and studios will make this year.”

Watch a cool demo of the difference between the competitors:


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