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Claude VonStroke Preps Urban Animal



Consistently staying at the top of the game for a long time is a difficult feat and even the most talented of producers seem to go through lean spells on the production front. Hence why we are so excited that one of the anomalies to this trend Claude VonStroke has revealed that a new album is en route to land this September 17th.

Entitled Urban Animal, Claude has explained the titles as referring to “urban animals who congregate in heaving warehouses, seeking solace in the liberating beats of the kick drum.” Well there you have it then, many of us were urban animal and we didn’t even know it. The album see VonStroke’s label Dirtybird reach its landmark 100th release and excitingly is set to feature collaborative works with DJ Nehpets, Mr. Fox and Py to run alongside original cuts with his trademark brand of bass infused house music. 

So with the Dirtybird boss third LP  not due until this September fans of Claude can grab a sneak preview of the work to come via the soundcloud player below. Enjoy.

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