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Clashmouth returns to The House of Vans, London


This Saturday, November 26, sees the Clashmouth Drum & Bass Market return to The House of Vans, London.

Founded in 2017, Clashmouth provides a rare opportunity to catch such a vast cross-section of labels, artists and fans together in one place trading limited edition vinyl, new merch lines and plenty more.  

Clashmouth is a way that all labels and all Drum & Bass fans can come together and can find new labels, support them and discover more music! Artists, DJs and industry folk are frequently spotted crate digging, along with enthusiasts, collectors, fans, and the general public – spreading signs of unity and the love for both Drum & Bass and Vinyl.

Cutting out the middlemen, Clashmouth guarantees your money goes directly to the people who work tirelessly to keep the genre alive and evolving. 

The House of Vans is where “Off The Wall” lives. It’s a place where imagination lets loose over concrete bowls, art installations, workshops and concert stages and is the perfect venue to host Clashmouth again.

For more info go to the event page here


Clashmouth at House of Vans flyer

> AKO Beatz

> Blueskin Badger

> Creative Wax

> Critical Music

> Dalston Chillies

> Deep Jungle

> Diffrent Music

> Disrupt

> Distant Planet

> Dread

> Education & Bass

> Infrared

> Inperspective

> Kniteforce

> Lossless

> Meditator

> Mined

> Multitone Recordings

> One.Seventy

> Over/Shadow

> Planet Wax

> Racked

> Reinforced

> Repertoire

> Skyz Design

> Subtle Audio

> SweetBox

> Transmute

> Trouble On Vinyl

> Velocity Press

> Very High Energy Group

> Vinyl Fanatiks

> Yellow Machines



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