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Clark Scores New Sky Crime Thriller, The Last Panthers



If you hadn’t guessed it already, we’re big fans of Chris Clark here at Data Transmission. Long considered one of the UK’s most interesting producers, if you knew nothing else about him the fact he’s been a permanent fixture for over a decade at British electronic institution Warp Records would tell you that.  More commonly known by just his surname, Chris quickly forged a reputation during the mid noughties as act to watch with the release of two boundary pushing albums ‘Furniture’ and ‘Body Riddle’  – both which took 3 years to make – as his meticulous production style and complex beats began to gain him a cult following. Still defying genre classification and crafting complicated sonic structures for our aural pleasures, it is with great excitement that we receive any news regarding the producer so you can imagine the buzz around the office at the announcement he had scored Sky Atlantic’s new crime drama, The Last Panthers.

Starring Samantha Morton, Tahar Rahim and John Hurt the new six-part series is co-produced by Warp Films  – who previously brought us the likes of Southcliffe, Four Lions and This Is England – in partnership with and Haut et Court. News of Clark’s involvement follows on from previous reports that David Bowie had provided the title theme for the drama, with director Johan Renck revealing his delight at securing the the Englishman’s services.

“In scoring the series, it felt idiotic to not tap into one of the founding corners of Warp.” Explains Renck.  “Thus, we were enamoured by artist Chris Clark and the collaboration found its shape quickly. Chris’ sensibilities and brazen creativity was bang on for a score to deal with everything from the Biblical grandeur of the story, via brooding darkness all the way over to tender sentimentality. He had it covered.”

Soundtracking the series seems to have been a rewarding experience for Clark, with the sonic experimenter revealing his excitement at tackling the project.  “It all started on a porch in Melbourne with a viola and a contact mic. I’ve never worked on anything like this before and it’s probably the most exciting/fun/at times panic inducing thing I’ve ever done.

The narrative of the show is vast, deep. It spans many different eras in the characters lives, so it needed to be coherent. The intention was to make the unfolding stories of the characters seem lucid and effortless.

Seeing the show get edited down to this concise, six part slab of dramatic excellence was inspiring, and definitely helped the music stay fresh. I’m honoured that The Last Panthers is the first foray into film I’ve had, it’s an immense project to be involved in.”

Check out ‘Omni Vignette’, one of the pieces from Clark’s soundtrack, below.


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