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Chris Simon announces his ‘Arrowhead’ EP via Understated


Dance music recluse and Pfeiffer Records label head Chris Simon makes his Understated debut with three bespoke tracks for the label.

Usually locked in the studio, producer and Pfeiffer Records label head Chris Simon has begun to carve his niche in the world of house music. Since his EP on Waze & Odyssey’s Street Tracks was debuted on BBC Radio One by Pete Tong late last year, the reclusive producer has started to open up his archives.

He was invited to play an amazing Understated 2-year anniversary gig in LA back in January. ‘The Arrowhead’ EP is the culmination of 3 days of intense sessions leading up to the gig, and Chris’s attempt to curate the vibe for his set before even setting foot in the building.

The results are 3 sharp, techy numbers made especially for the fog-filled, early morning warehouse euphoria that Understated has become known for at their parties.

Check it out below and grab a copy here.