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Chilled Transmission: Simion



Sunday. That most hallowed of days. Be you just finishing your night out at an after, after party or just unwinding with a nice glass of vino, we embrace the end of the weekend for what it is, a chilled out affair.  Thus, we thought it was about time we started soundtracking this most underrated of times, asking our favourites DJs to dig through their record boxes and serve up something a little different for our brand new Chilled Transmission series.

After a few weeks off over the Christmas and New year period the series returns with a vengeance as DT regular Simion serves up a cracking 2 hour set of set of selections designed primarily to make you feel, well human again. With a return to his own  Hedonism imprint on the horizon, it’s not only this mix that will have you feeling ‘The Groove’ with his new single of the same name kicking off his 2016 in style. Now where did we leave those painkillers?


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