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Chilled Transmission: Bas Ibellini

Data Transmission December 6, 2015


Sunday. That most hallowed of days. Be you just finishing your night out at an after, after party or just unwinding with a nice glass of vino, we embrace the end of the weekend for what it is, a chilled out affair.  Thus, we thought it was about time we started soundtracking this most underrated of times, asking our favourites DJs to dig through their record boxes and serve up something a little different for our brand new Chilled Transmission series.

After last weeks more funk infused mix from Satin Jackets, this week we have Bas Ibellini serve up set of selections designed primarily to make you feel, well human again. 

He said this about the mix “Hey guys, thank you for taking the time to hear this mix. The idea behind it was to relax you on a Sunday afternoon; You’ve just rolled out  your bed, and put it on whilst you gently get on with your day..They’re  tracks I really enjoy from no real era or genre that I’d listen to in my own time and figured its about time I share it with the rest of the world! Enjoy”

Let us know how you get on!


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