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chillout-320 (1)
We’ve given you a good few hours to detox and rest your ears from last night’s partying (and even squeeze in a Sunday roast); now it’s time to relax with our latest Chilled Transmission. Terrifying picture aside, our exclusive mix from budding artist 3:20 promises to be gentle, but still keep you in the vibe.

Real name Aaron Daniels, the producer dropped his 4-track Scenes EP at the tail end of 2015. Echoing trap structures, but replacing brute force with the soft caress of emotive synths and absorbing atmospherics, the release is an impressive debut, with Daniels displaying a talent beyond his experience.

For his Chilled Transmission, Daniels continues with many of the same themes as his EP, crafting a journey through eclectic hip hop, lethargic RnB and funky electronica. Stream or download the mix below and head to 3:20’s SoundCloud to check out his work.