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Chew Opens Up to Public Investors via Seedrs Campaign


If you’ve been paying attention to DT-TV over the past few months, you’ll know Chew as the team behind some of our #LiveTransmission sessions. But Chew is much more than that; the company is a global communication tool for DJs, allowing everyone from professionals to bedroom warriors to share, learn and improve as a community – “think Twitch for DJs,” say the Chew team.

In the 11 months since launching, Chew has built a community of 18,000 DJs, record labels, radio stations, music producers and music fans from over 190 countries.

At the most basic end, DJs can mixes online, while building and engaging with a global fanbase, but many professionals are taking Chew way further, broadcasting from studios, educational facilities and events across the world. Don’t worry if you’re not a DJ either (although we’re pretty sure everyone is nowadays..) Every time a DJ streams live on Chew, the performance is recorded and archived so users can enjoy it whenever and wherever they want.

As with all businesses though, Chew needs to fund its service, and in our wonderfully interconnected world, what better way to do it that ask the community? “We’re raising some of our latest investment round on Seedrs because we want our users and those that have supported us at any level to be able to come into the business as investors,” says co-founder Ben Bowler, ecstatic at the hugely positive response so far.

If you’d like to contribute to the ongoing story of Chew TV check out their Seedrs page and if you want to learn more about Chew TV head over to the website.


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