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Cassy announces new label: Kwench Records


Cassy has announced a brand new collaborative label titled, Kwench Records.

Each release will represent an honest and upfront approach to producing a dance music record. On each release, two or more artists will collaborate on an EP of original material, with a further artist joining the package on remix duty. The Kwench collaborators are artists that have touched Cassy in some way over her career. Whether they have helped her along the way, inspired her to grow into the DJ – producer she is today, or simply that their music is key in her DJ sets.

Cassy says “It’s the only way of keeping your mind and body and soul sane. We live in a world full of manipulations and hysteria. When I do things that are unnatural or for artificial reasons, it always backfires. I always get shown how I was wrong. One has to follow one’s heart. Stay true to who you are and follow your passions.”

Kicking off with a solid 3 track EP between Cassy and Toronto based DJ/Producer Demuir, one of Cassy’s favourite producers.  She says “I play Demuir’s records a lot because it’s simply fantastic party music, and in my eyes he is one of the most amazing producers out there.”



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