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CASSIMM covers “Shined On Me”


CASSIMM, or Alessio as his friends and family know him, is the kind of producer DJs love; his records are practically devoured as soon as they are made available on Beatport or Traxsource. He’s also versatile. Sometimes you will find him making the kind of dark, system-shaking beats that you would hear at Sankeys or the Egg. Other times, he’s crafting standout crowd-pleasers, the kind he would use week-in-week-out at his residency at London’s Aquarium.

His production nous and undeniable DJ talent have started to see him being picked up by promoters overseas. He’s a regular in Bulgaria and, as we speak, he is off to LA before returning to a mini European tour that takes in Basel, Berlin and Amsterdam.  

Today we find him in “big-tune” mode. “Shined On Me” was originally written & recorded by bona-fide dance music legend Eric “E-Smoove” Miller (look him up, he’s right there with Steve “Silk” Hurley, “Jack Your Body” and all those other we-were-there-first house producers from Chicago). If you were in a nightclub in 2005, you might remember it. But like a lot of tracks from those times, you don’t hear them much today, probably because they just don’t sound as good as they used to.

Enter CASSIMM. His version of “Shined On Me” reworks the original’s bumpy house groove into a monstrous tech-house thumper. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to hear soundtracking a huge Elrow party or hear Fisher drop at a festival. The hook never got old, but the beats did and that’s when you need a DJ & producer like Alessio to bring it right back into now. Like Mike Vale’s “Music Is The Answer” (on the same label), expect to hear this here there and everywhere.

Check it out below and grab a copy here.


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