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Caruana debuts on Little Festival Records with ‘Lost Minds’

Caruana debuts on Little Festival Records

Joining the ranks of Tom Frankel, Billy Rath and Craig & Grant Gordon, Caruana debuts on Little Festival Records, becoming the latest exciting talent being pushed by the label.

Her DJing journey began 6 years ago. Since then, she has held residency for The Social festival, Thirty3Hz and her hometown’s Junk, as well as adding a list of international bookings to her CV. Producing was the next career step, with Caruana already counting Resonance Records and Swerve Digital amongst the labels she has released on.

Although the south coast producer has weighed in with some remixes and V/A contributions in the meantime, it’s been two years since her last solo EP.

Keen to show us what we’ve been missing in the interim, Caruana picks up right where she left off. The 3-track ‘Lost Minds‘ contains two originals and a remix courtesy of another burgeoning producer in MKEY.

The release is set to be Little Festival Record’s last output until June, as the label postpones all forthcoming music from next Friday onwards.

‘Lost Minds’ itself is a tech house foot stomper. Its rumbling bassline and rhythmical percussions means it will slot seamlessly into Caruana’s own energetic sets around the 3AM mark.

Featuring playful chimes, an expletive female vocal and a flirtatious giggle that build into a rambunctious drop, B-side ‘B!TCH’ is equally deserving of peak time status.

Finally, MKEY’s rub on the title track falls within the deep tech territory. Moulded for those evanescent hours, the filter effects sound like emerging from a comatosed state in the middle of a popping afterhours.

This is merely the beginning. Caruana has more new music scheduled for later in 2020. In the meantime, you can fill an hour’s worth of isolation by listening to Caruana’s AAA Mix. It contains both originals and will give listeners a feel for what to expect from a club set.

The EP is released on Friday 10th April and will be available from all reputable download stores.

Caruana debuts on Little Festival Records with ‘Lost Minds’ on 10th April