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Calou releases EP on Habits Records


The next EP being released through Habits Records is a 4 track groover from Calou who makes his debut on the label. With 3 originals and 1 remix from Mitti, the EP is a collection of sounds that fit perfectly into the Habits Records catalogue.

The lead track ‘Gare De Lyon’ provides a deep rolling dance floor hitter which is sure to get any crowd moving and vibing. This stellar lead is followed up by 2 light grooving originals in the form of ‘Normaly‘ and ‘Play This Record’, which are perfect pace setting records for any party.

Finally, we bring to you our premiere today, a remix of ‘Play This Record’ brought to you all the way from down under from emerging star Mitti (Sydney, Australia). This remix offers a perfect flip to the original to round off an amazing EP.

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