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Brenmar releases ‘Who Me?’ on High End Time Records


Chicago born, Miami resident Brenmar collaborates with Gangsigns and teams up with South Florida’s Yung Gordon and whoopwhoop for a booty bass house anthem” Who Me?” out now via High End Time Records

“Who Me?” is a return to form for me.  Being from a Chicago, ghetto house is always an influence and that’s no different here.  With Gangsigns planting the seed and lending production support, the groove was settled.  Then it was just a matter of Yung Gordon and whoopwhoop giving the song that catchy vocal storyline to bring it to life! 

Influenced by the likes of Jersey club and Chicago ghetto house, Brenmar continues his to shine with his signature sound, providing the street cred and the groove to the dancefloor.

‘Who Me? is out now via High End Time Records, stream it below, and follow Brenmar on Spotify for new music.