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BLOND:ISH to release ‘Cheekon’ on ABRACADABRA



What is a cheekon? Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Or is it what you need when you are in need of some protein uptake to top up your rave levels? Judging by the spirited sounds of BLOND:ISH’s latest production (which we premiere today), ‘Cheekon’, for their ABRACADABRA label, it’s probably the latter, as the ladies unleash a psychedelic house trip, sewing a rich tapestry, colourful in samples and sounds, over a chugging groove, and perhaps the odd chicken sounding FX too!

Vivie-Ann explains the duo’s elementary concept for the track; “we just wanted to make a track that connected to our childhood, a comedy show, and good time journey all in one”

‘Cheekon’ by BLOND:ISH is released on 14th December, check it out below and grab a copy here.

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