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Black Barrel debuts on Dispatch Dubplate


The multi genre background of drum & bass artist Black Barrel has helped him encompass a full spectrum of influences throughout his slick sonic cuts. Whether it was drum & bass, techno, hip-hop or indie rock, he spent years pouring over the many musical avenues which dance music offered, taking inspiration from its every corner. Although the first time Black Barrel was introduced to the versatile 174bpm world was through the ‘Pirate Station’ program on Russian channel ‘Radio Record’. Black Barrel would sit patiently during airtime at 1:00am, waiting with his tape recorder and covering the broadcast, despite needing to be up early for school the next day.

It wasn’t until 2012 that Black Barrel would hit his first drum & bass night. Here he witnessed genre pioneers Calyx & Teebee, who shook the clubs significant sound system which would have a lasting impact on him. They were the first DJs he ever witnessed and to this day it remains one of his favourite DJ sets.

Now with a number of solid releases under his belt on Metalheadz, Lifestyle, Sofa Sound and Dispatch amongst others, he makes his Dispatch Dubplate debut in fine style, taking in collaborations with DLR and Nymfo. DLR and Black Barrel roll out some heavyweight funk for ‘World to Choose From’ and the bassline driven ‘Get Stuck’ is pure fire for this first-time collaboration with Nymfo.

This one is a must for fans of both the Dispatch Dubplate series and also the inimitable style of the Russian maestro.

Today we premiere Black Barrel and Nymfo ‘Get Stuck’, check it out below. The EP drops on Dispatch Dubplate on 20th March. Support the artist and label and grab the EP from here


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