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Biddy & Chafe return to Hood Politics with their ‘Dancefloor’ EP


Biddy & Chafe, you know em, you love em, you need em!

The two familiar faces to the Hood Politics Records Family are back with their large, highly anticipated freshman EP “Dance Floor”; consisting of two catchy minimal tech tracks that’ll surely get your ears perked and shoes movin’.

From making their debut to the label in June with their high octane remix of DJ Susan‘s “Venezuela” to rolling out the red carpet for their first EP, its been an absolute treat watching Biddy & Chafe grow on the label and we know you’re going to love this project just as much as we do.

The label says “What we love about these guys, and have from the very beginning, is their exclusive and prominent signature sound in their music. Their energetic, yet minimal formula instantly captivates and embodies the perfect amount of vitality and elegance, allowing its listeners to lock into the perfect groove without any hesitation in turning shit up a notch at the same time.”

Their “Dance Floor” EP is catchy, hits hard and delivers an unparalleled groove with its addicting bass lines, big builds and naughty vocal cuts across both tracks.  If one thing is for sure, these guys have got the recipe, and it’s been a consistent selling point across the board for them.

Check out our premiere of ‘Dancefloor’ below and grab a copy here.


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