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Better Lost Than Stupid have dropped ‘The Sky is Too Low’


Better Lost Than Stupid have revealed the band’s next single, ‘The Sky Is Too Low’, will be released on 17 May on Skint/BMG. Featuring JaW from DoP on vocals, ‘The Sky Is Too Low’, is another taste of the techno supergroup’s forthcoming debut album.

On the new single, the band said: “Writing ‘The Sky Is Too Low’ was a challenge. Of all the tracks on the record it’s one of our favourites. When we started the groove it took us back to our early broken beat and hip hop roots. We wanted to bring broader styles to the record and Jaw and Jeff (Darko)’s vocals absolutely nail it, and helped take the tune to where we wanted it to go. It reminds us of a past time when we were just opening our ears to the rawness of that vibe.”

The track drops the same month as the trio play their first ever-live shows in London (The Steelyard on 31 May). Tickets are on sale now.


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