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Teksupport and Bespoke Musik present Mind Against, Vaal, and Christian Voldstad


Two of New York’s most prominent promoters are teaming up and setting the bar high for 2018. The close of 2017 said without question that Teksupport and Bespoke Musik set the new norm for quality nightlife in New York City. These two powerhouses are ringing in the new year by delivering one of the most sought-after international duos in dance music today. On Saturday, January 13th find yourself immersed in a flight of percussive imagination as Bespoke Musik and Teksupport present Mind Against, Vaal, and Christian Voldstad at 1896 Studios.

The Italian-born, Berlin-based duo of Alessandro and Federico Fognini, known to dance music aristocrats as Mind Against, have a gift for delving deep into our emotive senses through sweet synths and dramatic percussion. Their perceptual blend of “intelligent” house and techno translates sublimely into a story of mystery and emotion on the dancelfoor. Mind Against stand solo with their emphatic sound design laying strong emphasis on distinctive composure and immensely powerful sound. Listeners find their minds immersed against a psychedelic timewarp of ethereal ’80s synths, classic ’90’s rhythms, and explorative modern riffs for a venture through truly mind-warping dance music.

Joining this evening of mind-control is the UK’s melancholy enchantress, Vaal. A shadowy, yet sterling addition to the Afterlife family, Vaal has steadily cultivated a strong identity and sound merging deep-space oddity with her innate abilities as an instrumental musician. To top off this entrancing lineup is Bespoke resident and New York favourite, Christian Voldstad.

1896 Studios is a unique industrial space used for visionary aesthetic in many music videos, tv shows and movies. Cease to be amazed by the venues ambience and lighting design – a solid choice for an evening of mind-warping music.

Capacity for this event is limited so PURCHASE TICKETS NOW