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Become Backyard Sessions Co-owner and Investor!


Backyard Sessions is a family friendly electronic music festival. Set in picturesque Malmö, Sweden, within Folkets Park. The all-encompassing festival showcases every aspect of lifestyle and culture with electronic music at its core.

The festival with a heart that beats for local Malmö and local based talent. Mix that, with some of the top International artists & producers from around the world.

The event organisers have a development plan in place for the festival with the aim to build the project upwards of 20,000 guests by 2022. The festival’s main goal is to make high-quality electronic music available to everyone in a welcoming and safe environment.

Backyard Sessions’ booking policy also aims to book 50% female acts each year. They are working long term for a more balanced environment in the electronic music scene.

As part of the festival growth plan, they have launched a crowdfunding project. The aim of allowing festival attendees to be part of their story by investing in the project in return for shares in the festival.

With over 75% of their initial €30,000 investment push secured. There are just under 2 weeks left of the campaign to run, to raise the final 25%: http://bit.ly/InvestInBackyardSessions.  


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