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Beatport joins Loopcloud & Plugin Boutique to announce Producer Challenge


Beatport joins with Loopcloud, Plugin Boutique, LANDR, iZotope, and Roland Cloud to create an amazing contest for new artists. They give away over $100,000 in prizes and a Beatport release to 50 winning producers.

The Beatport Producer Challenge will create a path to notoriety for talented producers across Beatport’s ten most popular music genres. Genres include Techno, Tech House, House, Melodic House & Techno, Deep House, Drum & Bass, Minimal / Deep Tech, Trance, Dance / Future / Bass House & Afro House.

Utilizing the platforms and software available from the platforms. Aspiring producers will have until Monday, May 11, 2020, to create an original piece of music.

Winners will be awarded highly-prized software and subscriptions, totalling over $100,000 in value from these great partners. In addition, every winner’s track will be released and exclusively promoted to the Beatport community, giving unprecedented focus and attention to each of the 50 winning entries. 

In order to augment and enhance the producer’s toolkit for the Beatport Producer Challenge, each entrant will get a one month free trial of Loopcloud, giving them a choice of 4 unique sample packs, 300 credits to spend, and full Loopcloud functionality.

Additionally, all producers entering the competition will have access to a free trial of LANDR’s incredible mastering and distribution platform so they can master their completed track for free before uploading it for consideration in the Challenge. 

Likewise, all entrants will have access to a 30-day free trial of Roland Cloud, complete with Techno Patches and Patterns for the JUNO-106, JUPITER-8, SH-101, TB-303, TR-808, and TR-909.

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The 50 winners will receive;

  • One year of Beatport LINK PRO+ and $50 in credits on Beatport.com
  • One year of Loopcloud Studio
  • Plugin Boutique Scaler Music Theory Tool
  • An iZotope Beatport Bundle with an Iris 2 Sample-Based Synthesizer, DDLY Dynamic Delay, Mobius Filter, and Elements Suite
  • One year of LANDR Pro and Lethal Synth plugin; and a One Year Roland Cloud Membership.

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