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Beatport.io Announces Groundbreaking Collaboration with Disclosure and Bronze AI


Beatport.io, the innovative digital marketplace, has launched Disclosure – Bronze Editions, a collaboration between Disclosure and AI technology by Bronze. This project delivers 1000 unique renditions of Disclosure’s ‘Simply Won’t Do’ from their album ‘Alchemy’, each paired with AI-generated visuals.

Fans can now own personalized versions of ‘Simply Won’t Do’, each carefully curated by Disclosure to retain their signature style. These exclusive tracks, available solely on Beatport.io, blend sound and visuals for an immersive experience.

Working with Studio Grotesk, Bronze translates music into 3D visuals using sound frequencies converted into colour values. Materials like marble and bronze represent aspects of Disclosure’s sound.

Beatport.io Disclosure Bronze Editions artwork

Guy Lawrence from Disclosure sees this as a groundbreaking venture, offering fans a piece of their musical history. Each of the 1000 versions is turned into a secure NFT using blockchain tech, ensuring authenticity and exclusivity.

“We’re thrilled to embark on this innovative collaboration with Beatport.io, Bronze. The concept of offering 1000 unique variations of ‘Simply Won’t Do’ is a groundbreaking step in music production. It goes beyond providing a product; it’s an invitation for our fans to own a piece of our musical history. The diversity and complexity in this project represent an unprecedented level of creativity and fun, and we’re excited to share this unique experience with our audience.”

Guy Lawrence

These unique tracks will sell at $20 USD each, with only 1000 available. Buyers get exclusive ownership of the track and custom artwork by Studio Grotesk.

Beatport.io, in partnership with Define Creative and built on Polkadot‘s Aventus, has previously showcased projects like NACHTS, capturing Berlin’s techno scene, and collaborated with HE.SHE.THEY. for their KINSHIP collection, advocating inclusivity in music.

For more information on Disclosure – Bronze Editions, please visit https://beatport.io/disclosure


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