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B.Traits announces her first release on her Paciphonic label ‘Rest’.


Paciphonic is a new ambient record label, online streaming and event series curated by DJ, producer and presenter B.Traits.

The series explores fusing the healing aspects of music with meditation. B.Traits combines ambient and minimalist recordings, sound and frequency activations. The calm clarity experienced by subtly changing your state of consciousness through meditation.

The first Paciphonic guided mediation ‘Rest’ is written, produced and narrated by Brianna. Available across all DSPs, Brianna guides the listener through a gentle and awakening 20 minutes of her music. It can be appreciated as easily by those new to meditation and simply seeking a moment of calm, as those with a deeper experience of the practice.

“Meditation has had a profound impact on my life. It’s not only helped me manage anxiety and depression but has also expanded my creative horizon and defined an accessible calm in my daily life.” With Paciphonic, Brianna aims to “build an inclusive community, to collectively enhance and improve our well-being.”


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