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Aux Desktop App streamlines remote collaboration workflow for professional audio producers


Aux App has launched Version 1 of its long-awaited desktop app to streamline and improve online collaboration for professional audio producers.

Musicians, podcasters and music industry professionals using Ableton Live and Logic Pro X can now benefit from new key features in Aux for desktop.

These include options to invite collaborators – an exciting element that allows two creators to work on the same project with file syncing across all devices, intelligent version history of all file uploads, timestamped commenting on waveforms, and an inbuilt DAW stems player.

The “Aux Collaborate” plug-in also brings a real-time chat window directly into the user’s DAW allowing collaborators working together in Ableton and Logic to communicate here for the first time.

Collaborators discuss a project within the Aux Desktop App

Founded by the UK tech start-up entrepreneur, Ben Bowler, the Aux App beta launch in December 2021 delivered extensive research into what remote creators really need to make their audio workflow clearer.

Each feature in the new desktop app (available for Mac with the Windows version coming early 2023) has been specifically designed to solve the many problems identified by creators working remotely around the world.

Aux App founder, Ben Bowler

The Aux V1 release is the culmination of conversations with numerous artists, producers and podcast creators to bring audio production right up to date. We discussed the pain of keeping track of versions of songs across a stack of hard drives, emails, messages and file sending services.

The new Aux desktop app takes care of each step of production; from tracking versions of your personal projects automatically and letting you go back in time to previous takes, to sharing projects with collaborators whether they use the same DAW as you or not. The result is like upgrading from a cup with a string coming out of it, to a smartphone, helping musicians make more music and opening up new collaboration opportunities.

Ben Bowler

The Aux desktop app lets artists collaborate unlike any existing tool. Artists are not forced to change the way they produce music and content, rather Aux gives “superpowers” to the tools they already use.

Ableton and Logic were chosen for the Version 1 launch as they came up as the top two DAWs in the Aux survey, however, Aux App will expand beyond this selection over time.

From concept to collaboration, the audio workflow has never been easier or more straightforward, thanks to Aux.

Aux for desktop can now be downloaded from www.aux.app.


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