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Armin Van Buuren To Be First DJ In Space



It seems Dutch trance superstar Armin Van Buuren isn’t content with being one of the biggest names in music on the planet as the DJ and producer has announced that he is set to be one of the the first 100 people to undertake a commercial flight via the space expedition corporation to outer space next year. Setting Armin back to the tune of £64k the flight, which is the first of its kind will see the artist amongst 100 voyagers trained as “founder astronauts” leave the atmosphere and enter space.

Speaking of his out of this world adventure Armin said “For every DJ, it’s a dream to travel 3.5 times faster than their own sound! And then that deafening silence at 100 kilometers high. I can’t wait. I guess a 200 BPM heart rate is likely.”

We’re sure that avid Space enthusiast and Detroit legend Jeff Mills is sitting somewhere green with envy…

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