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Anoite drops his ‘Split Second’ on Bunny Tiger Dubs


Anoite might look like a new addition to the scene, but the artist behind the name has been in the industry for over ten years. He has been DJing and producing different genres of electronic music under multiple aliases, scoring releases on iconic labels such as Deeperfect or Nervous, remixing legends such as ATFC and playing in notorious venues and festivals in the South of France.

Anoite is all about drums, grooves and warmth. A great passion for the art of DJing and an obsession for music creation are what drives this artist. 2018 has seen Anoite coming to life, but 2019 is already shaping up to be an interesting year as the firsts tracks of the project are already being picked up by top labels in the Tech House and Deep Tech scene like Bassel Darwish’s ‘Distance Music’, Sharam Jey‘s ‘Bunny Tiger’, Fhaken & Wayne Madiedo’s ‘Hàbitat Label’.

For this next release, he drops his ‘Split Second’ on Bunny Tiger Dubs ADE Sampler. ‘Split Second’ is a 125bpm track is a groover that is all about the party feeling and getting the crowd warmed up and ready to have a perfect night. The minimalistic but full groove and the rolling bassline bring the track to a high point built by warped bells and a rising vocal coming to resolution when the beat drops back in.

Lovers of deep grooves should keep an eye on this one. Check out ‘Split Second’ below and grab a copy here.


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