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Annie Mac challenges the Music Industry to address Gender Equality


Annie Mac has announced the launch of the Equalising Music Pledge, which is the latest move by Smirnoff Equalising Music, a three-year, global, multi-million-pound campaign to accelerate gender parity in the music industry.

Equalising Music is calling on everyone in the music industry to take direct action on gender equality, with Annie Mac challenging the industry at large to do one thing in 2019 to make music a more equal place through the Equalising Music Pledge.

Shockingly only 17% of PRS for Music’s registered songwriters are female, the gender pay gap at major music companies averaged at 30% and only 15% of labels are majority owned by women.

Annie says “The music industry is still embarrassingly lopsided when it comes to gender parity, there is still so much work to be done in terms of fighting for women of all ages to be embraced and championed by this industry, both in front and behind the scenes. I’m genuinely excited to see the impact women will have on this industry.”

Our Editor Grahame Farmer pledges “We at Data Transmission pledge to use our platform and channels to give even more exposure to female talent globally. Whilst locally in Milton Keynes we are striving to find more female talent through our HACK THE DJ series (click here for more info) and to help them grow. What will you pledge?”