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Anja Schneider announces ‘SoMe’ LP


Anja Schneider releases her first album ‘SoMe’ in nine years on her new label Sous Music in November.

She recently split from Mobilee Records, the label she cofounded in 2005. This bold new era for her and ‘SoMe’ is the start, its a nine-track calling card that not only represents Schneider’s own creative apex and the freedom that accompanies it, but the freewheeling nature of new imprint Sous on which it finds its home.

The project begun in November 2016 working alongside her co-producer and partner Jan-Eric Scholz, in Anja’s basement to be precise. Getting back to her music digging roots she whiled away the hours among the dusty boxes of her vinyl collection – re-immersing herself in old jungle and D&B records, classic house and the Berlin-bred techno of the ‘90s that she fell in love with when she first moved to the German capital in 1993. If she was to look forward to her new musical vision, it had to pay due respect to her past.

Anja will complete an album tour in key cities including Barcelona, Paris, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, Berlin, London, Zurich and Munich over the coming months. Full details TBA.


1. The Sun
2. Secret Escapes
3. All I See
4. WMF
5. Sanctuary feat. Stereo MCs
6. Got Me With A Bang
7. Night Out
8. Look of Love
9. Shadows


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