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Anfisa Letyago gets Hypnotic on Intec


Anfisa Letyago is a talented artist emerging from the Italian techno scene. She has been playing at many of the top events in the Naples area. Building a steady momentum her trajectory seems to be directed towards becoming one of techno’s elite. Already she has started picking up bookings in other parts of Europe with forthcoming dates in places like Germany. 

A talented club spinner is only one part of what’s been driving Anfisa forwards, as she is also a talented producer picking up regular plays and support from the likes of Carl Cox, who recently signed her music for a release on his label Intec. 

Her debut on Intec was in July of 2019 and she is back on the imprint only a couple of months later. Her new EP titled the ‘Hypnotic’ EP which seems to have solidified her as a label favourite. The title and opening track “Hypnotic” does exactly what the name suggests with a hypnotising loop blending deep pads with free-flowing rhythm and vocal textures, and the second track “You Got To Work” has a big room end of the night vibe with building tension and old school vocals. 

What makes Anfisa Letyago so special is the ability to blend uplifting emotion with otherwise dark and hard-hitting techno, which like salted caramel is a tasty mix of presumed opposing flavours that are an unexpected delight.

You can pick up a copy of the release from HERE.


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