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Andrea Giudice’s ‘Ringmaster’ on Go Deeva Records



Go Deeva Records are back with a special bumper ADE compilation featuring twelve essential tunes!

This Italian label, founded in 2006, deals in-house and techno of all deceptions and gets plenty of high profile support. This latest collection brings together all sorts of label associates old and new from Yamil to David Herrero, Pasquale Caracciolo to Joe Diem, Jamie Coins to Enzo Tucci andAndrea Giudice.

Our premiere comes from the aforementioned Andrea Giudice with his track ‘Ringmaster’ which picks up the pace with tough techno drums and wooden hits that make you sweat and the likes of Manneken’s False Alert then layers up warm, rasping bass and icy hi-hats with echoing vocals to make for a freaky late night vibe.

Check out ‘Ringmaster’ below and grab a copy here.

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