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AnD Announce Cosmic Microwave Background Remix EPs



AnD’s ‘Cosmic Microwave Background’ was a no holds barred insight into the bleak industrial outlooks of the duo. Showing what they’re capable with regards to both the dance floor and their experimental manipulations of machines. Regardless of what they were working on, they were sure to sew their signature sound into the fabric of each track.

With the ethos of their work in mind, it made sense to curate the remixers in lieu of the sounds orbiting the near regions of AnD’s work. The release will be comprised of a 2 part EP. Lucy and Speedy J, collectively known as Zeitgeber reimagine their version of ‘The Surface of Last Scattering’. Black Rain plays part in the series with reworks of the aforementioned track along with the interesting contributions to ‘Galactic Motions’

Sleeparchive and O/H both render their vision onto arguably one of AnD’s most iconic releases of last year ‘Power Spectrum’. As brutal as the original is, both Sleeparchive and O/H take no prisoners for their renditions. JK Flesh finishes off the remixes with his remix of ‘Non Sky Signal Noise’, where he takes us through a slow sludgy trudge through the marshlands of hazy techno.

EDLX043 and EDLX044 will be released June 15th and June 29th respectively.



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