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All Day I Dream welcomes back Powel with a four-piece EP



All Day I Dream welcomes back Powel to the label in full fashion with a four-piece EP.

Powel’s time with All Day I Dream stretches back to 2015 when his ‘Crash Landing On Laputa’ EP was met with critical support. Since then, however, his relationship has only deepened, earning him accolades from inside and outside the label for his aptitude for melodic manipulation. Not to mention, the Burning Man regular has also signed releases on other behemoth havens for the sound, including Behrouz’ Do Not Sit On The Furniture, Anjunadeep, and Kindsich.

The four-track EP, Christened ‘Eolomea’ trails along willowy, ethereal soundscapes that open into a complete dream state. Such is more often than not the case with the German producer, who’s charted a number of years in the underground helping to bring more mellowed, melodic strains of the house to the forefront amidst a sea of hard, driving techno.

Check out all four tracks below.