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Alex Smoke Announces New Album ‘Love Over Will’ For R&S


alex smoke

Scottish techno auteur Alex Smoke has revealed details of his  forthcoming album, ‘Love Over Will’.

Set to arrive January 22nd via R&S it will be the Glaswegian’s third record for the Belgian outpost following on from hallucinogenic dancefloor EPs ‘Dust’ and ‘Green Man’. Billed as “a suite of perfectly crafted electronica, brimming with layers and texture that mixes depth, euphoria and social commentary in equal measure” the album promises to see the artist continue to explore “the melding of his voice with intricate electronics and discordant melody” much like his work under his Wraetlic moniker.

“The human voice is the ultimate transducer of emotion” he explains. “I feel it, I sing it, the listener hears it, the listener feels it. Even the slightest vocal can carry a heavy emotional current. Adding words is creating another layer of meaning again, sometimes altering, sometimes reinforcing the intrinsic feeling of the music.”

Taking it’s title from the central tenet of Thelema – created by infamous occultist Aleister Crowley – ‘Love Over Will’ is a play on “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will”  with the primary motif of the album being “a statement on the times we are living in, but with an optimism relating to ways forward that are possible”.

Drawing further inspiration from his ongoing installation work with artist Florence To, “primarily on the links between sound and spirituality” those of you keen to grab a taste of the album can stream LP cut ‘Dire Need’ below.


01.Fair Is Foul
02.Dire Need
06.All My Atoms
07.Yearning Mississippi
08.Love Over Will
11.Astar Mara
12.Star At The Summit
13.Fall Out


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