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Alex Ross releases ‘Close Enough’ on Perfect Havoc


Hoxton-based label Perfect Havoc are to release ‘Close Enough’ the brand new single by UK house producer Alex Ross.

It’s a 100%, straight-up, bonafide dancefloor weekend weapon. That’s for sure – which we absolutely love!

Alex has amassed almost 30 million Spotify streams with his previous releases like ‘Dreams’ released on Ministry of Sound featuring Dakota and T-Pain, along with ‘Deep In Your Heart’ on Polydor, both tracks gaining big support on BBC Radio 1.

We have the exclusive first play of ‘Close Enough’. The track aims to continue this momentum and deliver another massive track for this hugely talented Huddersfield-born producer. It’s a stylish and atmospheric slice of house music with a full vocal dropping into the infectious ‘close enough’ chorus. As always, Alex’s production is faultless. He comments,

“‘Close Enough’ started like most of my tracks, an idea formed from a voice note on my iPhone. I played it to my friend Cameron (the vocalist) and he instantly loved it. The first take we recorded is the one you hear. A few months later after countless hours of mixing, remixing and editing we had the final track finished. It’s a dance track that I think everyone who has been through a difficult relationship can relate to.”

Check it out below and grab a copy here.