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Alex Nemec and Forniva combine on ‘Before Us’



Debut release on Krafted Underground coming from the hands of Alex Nemec and Forniva with their fantastic “Before Us”, out on 30th November.

We premiere the original mix, which is a well-balanced mixture of punchy and tech drums fused with intriguing and deeper and warmer melodic synth lines that build through the track perfectly matched with vocal snippets and cleverly programmed effects.

The package is completed with a great remix from Paul Sawyer. Paul delivers another one of his trademark remixes with a deep and powerful groove and while keeping a fair part of original elements, he twists things up with dramatic strings that really breath a different vibe to the track while still keeping the moody feel of the original.

Alex Nemec & Forniva ‘Before Us’ is out on 30th November via Krafted Underground.

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