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All Day I Dream Journeys of 2018


Lee Burridge’s iconic All Day I Dream brand recently announced a 2018 World Tour titled ‘Journeys of 2018’. This global gathering of dreamers will commence in 15+ nations over the course of 36+ dates. Over the past 8 years the event has evolved from a small monthly gathering into a global movement with thousands around the world enchanted by the roller coaster, journey like quality of Burridge’s DJ sets that take place in idyllic one of a kind day-into-night settings.

All Day I Dream has enthralled and charmed its international family of friendly, open minded souls in some of the world’s most stunning destinations as well as stark cityscapes. With each event rooted in All Day I Dream’s singular aesthetic and artistic designs it garners new eccentric party nomads as it goes. All Day I Dream is where structural art and free flowing spirits unite under floating decorations to the melodic spell of All Day I Dream’s cast of musical masters.

In 2018 All Day I Dream grew to more than 50 shows in 20 countries around the globe. Highlights this year include multiple Summer Residency dates in Ibiza and Mykonos, taking place on the beach at Blue Marlin and Scorpio’s respectively. Dubai’s winter sun season closed out in March leading neatly into Miami Music Week and a stage at Brazil’s Warung Beach Club’s Festival. London hosts three dates in 2018 while new locations including Istanbul, Iceland and Turkey eagerly await their experience. In the USA New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco continue to host their regular Summer season opener and closer events while Toronto, Montreal Chicago, Miami, Detroit, Las Vegas and more entertain single one-offs. Festival stage takeovers and showcases for the 2018 season include two weekends at Belgium’s Tomorrowland, Amsterdam’s ADE, Barcelona’s Off Sonar, Iceland’s Summer Solstice, and Woodstock ‘69 in Holland.

“I’d always imagined this music being embraced the way we see it today, but it never ceases to make me smile actually seeing it happen. I’m so excited and humbled at the opportunities ahead of myself and the amazing and talented group of artists around me”. – Lee Burridge

All Day I Dream has earned a truly dedicated global fan base who embody the essence of the worlds of art, wellness, and fashion and wellbeing. Attend any event and you’ll be surrounded by nothing but positivity. We look forward to an enchanting All Day I Dream Journey through 2018….

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