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30 Years of Acid House Live Stream


The gurgles, burps, whoops and warbles of acid are some of the most easily recognizable and timeless—the Roland SH-101, the Roland TB-303 bassline generators and the many, many synthesizers that have tried to copy them. The Roland Tb-303 was only manufactured for two years, from 1982 to 1984, and was little-used at the time; it wasn’t until 1986 that Chicagoan Earl Smith Jr. (a.k.a. Spanky, of Phuture) and bandmate Nathaniel Pierre Jones (a.k.a. DJ Pierre), sat up late one night exploring the little silver box’s sounds and welding them to a dancefloor drum pattern.

This year we will be celebrating 30 years of Acid House all year and at Data Transmission we have some special Live Streams planned this year with our friends at the clothing brand ACID87.  

First up this weekend will be Live Streaming from Memory Box 4th Birthday (check details here) in their dedicated Acid Warehouse Rave Room with resident Robin Ball on Saturday 10th February at 12am-2am.  

Next up we will be streaming from I Love Acid in a few weeks (check the full event here), there will also be events coming around the UK & Ibiza this summer.

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Grahame Farmer

Grahame Farmer’s love affair with electronic music goes back to the mid-90s when he first began to venture into the UK’s beloved rave culture, finding himself interlaced with some of the country’s most seminal club spaces. A trip to dance music’s anointed holy ground of Ibiza in 1997 then cemented his sense of purpose and laid the foundations for what was to come over the next few decades of his marriage to the music industry.

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